"Virtapay" is, in our opinion, a combination of a "market test" platform for digital products, and a profit generating platform for affiliate advertising if one takes full advantage of building an "Ad Sharing" Network."Virtual Dollars," not "real dollars" are used for part of the platform, and "real dollars" can be generated through the "Ad Sharing" and is paid through Clickbank.

We use "Virtapay" as a gift worldwide, because when someone opens an account, they are instantly credited with $100.00 in "Virtual Dollars." You can accept our offer by clicking here and when we confirm your username, we send another $100.00 in "Virtual Dollars" to your account as a thank you.  This is meant to help you get started in your marketing efforts, because then we recommend that you participate in "Ad Sharing" which has a very small cost.

Then, login at least every 2 days, because Virtapay adds more "Virtual Dollars" to your account.  Also, when you login, follow the Virtapay Blog.  Also, when you refer a new Virtapay user, you will receive $25.00 in "Virtual Dollars" as a referral payment.

Our personal recommendation is to use your "Virtual Dollars" as a marketing budget to invite more users who will become part of your "Ad Sharing" Network (as soon as you activate "Ad Sharing") and these users will help grow your "real dollar" profitability.

While at the "Virtapay" site, read and study everything.  Be sure to also watch the "Ad Sharing" video, which will help your full understanding.


  1. Our Personal Experience? In our initial 6 months, we personally have grown a "Virtual Cash" account of $14,000.00 which now we are using to invite strong marketers to our group. Since we are enrolled in "Ad Sharing" they will also be a part of our "Ad Sharing" network (now at 91 people). With the "Ad Sharing" Network, our ads will appear randomly on their marketing pages as well, and yes, those ads can be for products producing "real cash" profits!

  2. Participating in "Virtapay" to generate income is what we describe as "marketing at the most creative level." The good news is that it costs only a small amount to be active in "Ad Sharing" and you are getting real advertising exposure in the process.

  3. Hey, I've had a Virtapay account since 2010, but never got the hang of how to leverage it. I have over $5000 in Virtapay dollars. Thanks for sharing this... I will look into it a bit more now.