InCare Opportunity

This Page is designed for open discussions of the InCare opportunities.  We urge you to beome familiar with these sites as well:
Be sure, if you do not have an InCareRX Prescription Discount Card to test, send your physical mailing address to


  1. The "serious" beauty of InCareRX = InCareDME as a business is that the joining fees are $0.00 + the monthly autoships are $0.00. We can create "serious" residual income by simply printing our personal cards and handing them out totally FREE. We can save our card users up to 75% or more, and they are very happy. We earn $1.00 for every prescription they purchase (for their entire family for a lifetime).

  2. The cards are very high quality. They can be printed/shipped: 1,000 for $37.00, 2,500 for $52.00, 5,000 for $74.00, 10,000 for $129.00 or 50,000 for $517.00. See the full details here, along with the impressive brochures:

  3. The new brochures show the impressive logos of the major national chains who participate (over 60,000 locations nationwide. Once you show the Pharmacist your card, they will store your information. Many people who pick up our card in Florida can take it back home or anywhere else they travel and use it there!

  4. Cardholders can always visit the InCareRX website and search pharmacies as well as prices.

  5. Anyone can also become an Agent at the InCareRX website also (where it says "Become an Agent" Please list Achievements UnLimited (NCR4868) as your "referrer"

    You will also have the opportunity, at no cost, to represent InCareDME (Durable Medical Equipment)

    1. what is the commission on dme products?

  6. As an InCare Agent, you will receive training newsletters, and will be able to partipate in training phone calls several times each week. You will receive specific information from Michael Conway, our National Sales Director in New Port Richey, Florida.

  7. Good information on your Site I will be back and have joined! Please visit my site Join and Share with Friends!