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Monday, January 20, 2020

Happy New 2020 Decade - AUL Announces New Services

New Year!  New Decade!   New Resolutions!   20:20 Vision for 2020-2030! Join US!

Yes, those new resolutions can be tough.  So, we have decided to make a new
Decade-long resolution, giving us 10 years to make adjustments and 
improvements.  We see challenges ahead for 2020-2030, but also
tremendous opportunities.

On Jan. 25, 2020 we begin our monthly "Cryptocurrency + Gold" training
seminars at Sarasota Yacht Club.  Anyone is welcome for FREE Lunch by
calling Roger Foulks @ 1-941-320-0818

Register FREE at our website for more good information

Looking for a good way to write off a trip to the beach with training? 
Here it is!

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  1. Great Press Release. Thank you for sharing Keep up the good work!