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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Modern Maximum Marketing with Digital Business Cards

Are you using antique business cards?  You know - the ones that most often end up in a wastebasket?

You may wish to learn about modern "Digital Business Cards" that can be scanned into anyone's smartphone, can include your Video (coming from the "Cloud" so it does not eat lots of smartphone memory.  They also include your website, with your own "capture pages" so they are VERY response-generating!

Here is a picture of ours ~

Ours will take you here ~
You can take a picture of the barcode on your smartphone and try it too!

Some examples of businesses using Digital Business Cards:

Allure Med Aesthetics ~

Chamber of Commerce ~

Financial Consultants ~

Health ~

Insurance ~

Real Estate ~

Restaurant ~

More new ones weekly!

Remember, if you want to know more, go here ~

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