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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Maximize Your Cash Back Shopping - Call for the card below before the Holidays!

First, no one at Achievements UnLimited is a movie star, but Roger did get As in math and a MBA.
Second, we offer to explain "what should really be in your wallet" and "it is NOT a credit card"
Third, call Roger for this FREE card before the 2015 Holidays, so you can start maximizing your "personal cash back" at the best time of year!

Our personal testimonial:  Since August of 2012, we have personally purchased $56,256.86 of our "normal everyday purchases" from official Lyoness merchants, and, so far, we have received cash back of $19,013.22 (33.8% of our total purchases)!  And we say "so far" because there is more to come!

Yes, a "Lyoness Loyalty Card" is what is in our wallet, and it will be staying there!  Call Roger at 941-320-0818 and get your "LIFETIME FREE" Lyoness card today!

You will ALSO receive US $75.00 Discount Vouchers to help with your Holidays shopping!

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  1. See this page about your additional US $75.00 Gift ~ This applies for everyone you introduce to Lyoness shopping: