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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Business Development Paradigm Shift

Business Development Paradigm Shift: 

Major change in the normal “business marketing” and “expense management” thought patterns. ~ We are training math-savvy + marketing-savvy entrepreneurs worldwide to be "Business Development Specialists" for their local communities, by bringing this exciting global program to their local merchants.

Attract the world's most loyal customers!

  1. As of 8/2014, 4,500,000 members in 40+ countries, expanding monthly.
  2. 2025 objective: 1,000,000,000+ members.
  3. In 2015: New world-leading technology/marketing tools for merchants.
  4. Learn how your customers can add to your profits no matter where they shop globally ~ covering much of your advertising expense.
The "World is Yours" Video


  1. Florida merchants, do you know that Florida's annual temporary population expands 3-4X from visitors worldwide? Consider using a "Global Business Development Program" with 4,500,000+ current "very loyal" members and growing rapidly. Attract customers worldwide!

  2. Contact us for details about weekly overview meetings held locally at existing Loyalty Merchant locattions. Call 941-320-0818 or 941-792-6706