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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

About Your Double Gift

If you read our January post down below about "2013 The Year of The Water Snake" we shared how important it is to be snakelike in your evaluation of business opportunities.  Before spending money, you should be able to test opportunities free!

Your First Gift:  We are going to send you a Free "Global Cash Back Shopping Card" and give you a Free Trial Membership + Plenty of Free Coaching and Mentoring!  There is never a cost to the membership.    In addition, you don’t have to buy anything that you are NOT already buying.  

The company is worldwide, very new to the USA and Canada, growing very rapidly, and available to Members Only, and believe this "The Cash Back is Real!"
We will teach you how to introduce it to your friends, and get Cash Back on their purchases also! 

Call toll-free 888-391-8880 with your questions and to confirm your address to send your
Free Gifts!

Your Second Gift: A InCareRX Prescription Discount Card which can save you up to 75% and more on prescription purchases in the USA.
For your Free Card, just remember to email your physical mailing address to

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