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Monday, September 24, 2012

"Relationship Marketing" Tools and Training

Roger and Pamela Foulks of Achievements UnLimited proudly specialize in training "Relationship Marketing" strategy and actions to marketers worldwide who "seek to build positive long-term relationships with their customers by providing consistent satisfaction."  Being consistently successful long-term with "Relationship Marketing" requires research of new marketing tools worldwide, and the value of those tools to specific segments of customers, as well as specific segments of marketers.  Discussions are always appropriate: 941-320-0818


  1. Roger and Pamela are also proud that "we did not make this up." They are also proud to have been trained by some of the most successful "Relationship Marketers" in history, including the late Dick Damrow (much responsible for the Harley Davidson turnaround) and Sam Meers (much responsible for causing us to ask for "Angus" steaks and hamburgers).

  2. Great looking business. I wonder if an endless stream of qualified leads would do you any good?