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Friday, December 2, 2011

Introducing: InCareRX Prescription Drug Card

Present this card to your Pharmacist at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, including most major chains, and save up to 75% or more on your Prescription. It is good for your entire Family and it works, and...

Achievements UnLimited is sending one as a Holiday 2011 gift to you to try if you send your complete mailing address to

Achievements UnLimited is also inviting you to be a InCareRx Distributor if you like the cards - no monthly fees, no autoship, just print a minimum of 1,000 personal cards (1,000 cards can be printed/delivered nationwide for only $27.00. 2,500 for $52.00, 5,000 for $74.00) and be trained to distribute them like we do:

Medical offices, other businesses, sports groups, non-profits who wish to use them for promotional gifts, fund raising, or for saving on insurance costs and other creative ideas. Send us your email today, get your personal trial card, start saving, and call Roger + Pamela Foulks with your other questions at 941-320-0818


  1. Used InCare prescription card yesterday for first time at CVS and saved 9% off prescription plus also saved the tax on the 9%. Great Deal!!! Thank you Roger & Pamela for sharing at this time of year, when a lot of our peers are having a hard time of it. The perfect holiday gift that keeps giving all year long.

  2. Nick, thank you for sharing your experience. We have tested the InCareRx card against others that we have, and InCareRx has given us the best results. Plus, as a Distributor, you can get another rebate back on your purchases!

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