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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gift Giving Season 2011 = Gifts for our Friends

In our earlier Blog posts below, we discuss the importance of starting and building strong relationships by practicing "permission-based relationship marketing." We are asking permission to share our 2011 Holiday gifts with you!

For our U.S.A.-based friends and hopeful friends: This is a gift that will keep on giving! You will definitely want your own "InCareRx Free Prescription Drug Card" which allows you up to 75% savings or more on your Prescription Drug purchases. No other Pharmacy Care in America offers better overall savings.

Roger and Pamela Foulks will send your "InCareRx Free Prescription Drug Card" to you promptly if you will send your full mailing address by email to

You may also participate as a Distributor (no upfront cost, only printing costs for cards) by including your phone number in the above email to
We will call and explain the program. (You will enjoy the profits!)

View Pharmacies and Prices:
For our Worldwide Friends in English Speaking Countries:

We found a website where you can actually earn monthly income by switching your Internet homepage!

It’s simple, and costs you nothing. There is nothing to purchase and nothing to sell, so what do you have to lose? Check it out now by clicking on our link below:

For all our Worldwide Friends:

You’re Invited ~ A Super New Paying Social Network ~Check it out here:
There is a small monthly cost to earn the maximum return on investment.

Happy Holidays! Always remember, your questions can and will be answered at 941-320-0818. We never hide!

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