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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Internet Permission-Based Relationship Marketing with FREE Marketing Gifts

"Yes, that is a mouthful!" Read the headline slowly and carefully; every word, because every word is important. Yes, we are marketers and we market things, but first we must build trusting relationships, and they must be permission-based to be effective long-term. Long-term relationships are the only relationships worth having.

Internet Social Networking is a wonderful, low cost method of making new contacts that can hopefully become new friends, and potential business contacts long-term, and it can be done effective if done correctly. The first part of that headline that needs to be done is "permission-based."

Why? Because people get hundreds of emails weekly; they are skeptical (and should be); so they won't consistently answer emails or phone calls. You must ask for permission to have a conversation and get to know them first! This will save you time and money and make you much more effective.

So, do not "dump" on anyone immediately. They are not going to open their wallet or purse for you. Rather, start by asking permission to offer them FREE value, and make sure it is/can be valuable and it is FREE. You will be more likely to "break some relationship-based ice, so that in the long-term you can build trust and value for both parties.

Below are two examples of FREE value building gifts that we offer to start building trusting, long-term relationships, and "may we ask your permission to take the time to take a look?":

Virtapay gives you and them $100.00 of virtual cash immediately, added daily bonus virtual cash, and $25.00 virtual cash for people they refer + additional marketing tools.


with Viradyne you and they can actually earn money by switching their Internet home page! It's simple. Nothing to buy and nothing to sell.

Just test these two offers. It will not cost a dime. We hope to build short-term and long-term relationship-building trust with YOU! Review the Comments area of this posting for specific training.


  1. Thank you for the lesson in Internet Permission-Based Relationship Marketing with FREE Marketing Gifts.

    Carolyn J.

  2. Thank you Carolyn! Friends, we are going to use this comments area for specific training on "gift giving" with tools like Virtapay, Viradyne, RamPage, and other appropriate tools.

  3. About Virtapay: We use Virtapay to offer an introductory gift to our new friends, because they can open a FREE account and receive $100.00 immediately in their account. (Yes, this is "Virtual Money" but Virtapay is MUCH more than that):

    Important: Log into your Virtapay website often and review the Virtapay Blog for official Virtapay news postings, study them well, and ask any questions that you have)

    1. In just 3 months, our "Virtual Money" account has grown to $2000.00+ from the $25.00 referral rewards for referring others + the daily participation bonuses.

    2. Virtapay, in our view, is also a very good marketing testing site for testing personal offers that you wish to make.

    3. Participating in "Ad Sharing" is going to produce significant "real money" that can be transferred to your bank account!

    Our next discussion comment post will talk more about participation in "Ad Sharing" through Virtapay.

  4. About Virtapay "Ad Sharing":

    Important: Visit your Virtapay website and review the "Ad Sharing" Video which discusses the Cascading Referral System.

    The only real money that we have spent, and recommend spending on Virtapay is $17.00 to join the "Ad Sharing" program. We received a valuable resource for our $17.00: Ewen Chia's "Secret Affiliate Weapon 2.0" which gives great, tested advice on methods of increasing income through Clickbank.

    Ewen Chia has achieved very admirable results in internet income production, and we trust his background, because we bet that he has excellent study habits, understands math well, and when you look at his income documentation, we think you would pay attention too! (Please always remember, Roger's background includes a B.S. in Education, so he ALWAYS respects these good habits.)

    More about "Ad Sharing": So far, in 3 months, we have added 21 new Virtapay members to our personal "Ad Sharing" group. When you study the "Ad Sharing" program on the Virtapay blog, you hopefully will understand the potential behind doing this and continuing to do this, by giving away $100.00 Virtapay gifts that only cost us our time of inviting friends.

  5. About Viradyne and Link180:

    Viradyne/Link180 is another free gift that we use to build relationships.

    FREE! You can actually earn monthly income by switching your Internet homepage! It’s simple. There is nothing to buy and nothing to sell, so what do you have to lose? Check it out now by clicking on our link:

    If you have not changed your homepage yet, we suggest you do it, since it is free, with nothing to buy or sell, and study the extra income possibilities it provides you!

  6. About Viradyne/Link180:

    Currently, Viradyne/Link180 is only set up to be offered in a few English speaking countries, so we "target market" our friends in those countries with Viradyne/Link180. To friends in other countries, after offering "Virtapay" we offer "RamCage" - a paying Social Network, which is the subject in our next post.

  7. About "RamCage":

    First, we want to be clear in stating that "RamCage" has a small monthly fee, but it is, in our opinion, a valuable gift to marketers. We will use RamCage's own language to explain:

    "This is what you need to share or advertise to start building your affiliate organization
    and start earning a limitless income!

    There are NO limits to how much you can earn.

    You should include your referral link as a signature in ALL your emails. Add this to your sig file now!

    We look forward to helping you build your business and wish you great success in all your endeavors!

    Promote long and prosper!"

    From Roger and Pamela:

    You're Invited ~ A Super New Paying Social Network ~ Check it out here:

    Friends, study the compensation plan closely and you will hopefully understand the value being offered in "RamCage."

  8. Friends, again, our marketing strategy is to "offer great values" to build long-term positive relationships. Of course, we always "ask for permission" to begin building these "positive relationships."

    We may need to start individual discussion areas for each of these offers in the future. But for now, ask any of our questions here, or by emailing to or by giving us a call at 941-320-0818.

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